When Should I Start My Recruiting?

Is It Ever Too Early Can recruiting start too early? Not if you are in high school. Should coaches be trolling the little league fields looking for their next starting pitcher? Probably not. Just in the last year one prominent football school made headlines when it got a verbal commit from a seventh grade quarterback. […]

The Real Cost Of An Athletic Scholarship

(Part two in a two-part series) How Important is it to Compete at the College Level? If you read my article, The True Cost of Playing Sports in College, you know that I gave up a college football scholarship offer, in part, because I didn’t want to go into debt. Since I had an academic scholarship […]

Broken Recruiting: The True Cost of Playing Sports in College

The True Cost of Playing Sports in College If you have a child preparing for college it can be a scary reality check. Many parents are unprepared to help their children pay for college, making some scramble for last-minute options in the form of a college sports scholarship. Let’s be honest: it’s hard to get […]

How My Official Visits Helped Me Choose the College I Love

The Official Visit: Where the Real Decisions are Made I did a lot of legwork during my last two years as a high school swimmer. I went from thinking I couldn’t compete at the college level to receiving nine scholarship offers. What follows is a breakdown of my four official visits, what I thought before […]

Recruiting Myth #1: Grades Don’t Matter

Grades Do Matter Myth: The coach can get me into a school if my grades are bad. Like every myth there is a seed of reality to this one. Coaches can help athletes who might not have gotten into the University if they had applied on their own, but the athlete still needs to qualify […]

Practical Tips For Unofficial Visits

The Unofficial Visit: Looking at a School on My Schedule, Under My Terms When I was a high school swimmer I took a couple of Unofficial visits with my mom when she had to travel for work. It was scary and intimidating to visit a university campus as a seventeen year old. I couldn’t imagine […]

Are You Doing Everything You Can In Your Recruiting?

Ask Those Around You for Help It is likely–as you go through the college recruiting process–that you are surrounded by a group of people who care about you and want to help you achieve your dreams. This support group could include your parents, grandparents, guardians, pastor, teachers, guidance counselors or coaching staffs. It is important […]

Six Most Important Steps to Get Recruited to Play College Football

Play a Recruitable Position Many high school football players make the mistake of playing a position that they will not get recruited to play in college. This hurts your recruiting stock because coaches will likely want to see you perform on film and in live situations to get a good feel for your abilities at […]

Recruiting Justin Bieber to Play College Hoops

Beebs Own Nash Anybody see that wicked crossover Justin Bieber put down on two-time NBA most valuable player Steve Nash? It got us thinking about recruiting and, well, if there is a place in the college basketball world for a 5’5 point guard with an eleven inch vertical and a beautiful singing voice. The Perfect […]

Are You Filming for Memories or Sports Highlights?

Pros vs. Joes  Begin with the ‘end in mind’. It’s a pretty simple, yet concise phrase that good producers and videographers use when shooting a project. We start with thinking about the object of the video and what the project will look like when it’s completed. The same can’t always be said by parents or non-professionals when they’re […]

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