Blog Topic: Recruiting Mistakes & Myths

College Recruiting Mistakes #1: NCAA Core Courses

Sometimes the best way to learn about mistakes you could be making in your own recruiting is by realizing the mistakes of others. I know from personal experience I learned more from my time as a recruit than I ever will from reading a book or blog, listening to stories or speeches, etc. It takes […]

Myths About College Sports (Infographic)

We discovered this Myths About College Sports infographic over at and thought it was worth sharing with our audience. This infographic explores some of the common misconceptions the general public has about college athletics. For instance, most fans assume that college sports programs are making money hand over fist, but it’s just not true. […]

Why You Shouldn’t Believe You’re So Good College Coaches Will Just Find You

An Athlete Reality Check Athletes are an interesting breed, wired slightly different than non-athletes. We are naturally competitive and usually ego driven, which makes sense in many cases. Sometimes to beat the best you have to believe you are better than the best whether that is truly the case or not. Unfortunately during the college […]

Why You Should Not Rely on Your High School Coach to Get You Recruited

Will My Coach Get me Recruited? So it’s December of your senior year, you’ve had a great season, put up fantastic numbers, and the phone still isn’t ringing. Why? I’ve seen this story play out many times in my role as a college recruiting expert. During these conversations the student-athlete or his parent informs me […]

Nine Character Flaws that Could Cost You an Athletic Scholarship

Character Matters Do you think that who you are, how you dress, how you speak, how you carry yourself, the circle of friends you hang around, or the way you were raised could have a profound effect on your ability to be recruited as an athlete? If your answer to this question is no then […]

Myth: Your Recruiting is Limited to Only a Few Schools

Recruiting is Not Over if You Don’t Get Into Your Dream School Since you were little you dreamed of going to a particular school. It may be a family tradition, it could be the big school in your area or maybe you just really like the team colors so you’ve always rooted for them. Whatever […]

Myth: College Coaches Will Find Me.

If I’m Good Enough Coaches Will Find Me I don’t know if it is more naive or self-important to think that you will be noticed by just being you. Not that you can’t be a great recruit both athletically and academically, but if you wait around for coaches to start knocking on your door you […]

Recruiting Mistakes Every Parent Makes

Have the Right Attitude Some parents believe their child is the star athlete of the team and will have no problem being scouted by college coaches across the nation. Even if this is true, it is this frame of mind that will eventually hurt the student-athlete and potentially place them way behind in their recruitment […]

Recruiting Myth #1: Grades Don’t Matter

Grades Do Matter Myth: The coach can get me into a school if my grades are bad. Like every myth there is a seed of reality to this one. Coaches can help athletes who might not have gotten into the University if they had applied on their own, but the athlete still needs to qualify […]

10 Scariest Real-Life Sports Costumes

Lawrence Taylor Okay, we love Lawrence Taylor as a player.  He changed the way the game was played.But the zombie version here just plain scared us.  Now we know how all those NFL quarterbacks felt. Pat McQuistan With a nice haircut and a pose that doesn’t highlight his numerous chins, the Dallas Cowboys’ McQuistan isn’t a […]

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