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Athletics Cannot Guarantee School Acceptance

As a recruiting company, we receive all sorts of questions regarding the recruiting process. One of the most recent questions we collected came from a parent whose son was a star swimmer and getting plenty of attention from college coaches. The parent wrote: “Is it possible for an athletic scholarship to overturn an academic denial?” […]

Hazing: Why It Could Ruin Your Recruiting

Hazing is a ritual in sports that has been going on for many years. It’s considered “tradition” for the senior athletes of a team to haze the rookies and novices as part of an “initiation” theme. Unfortunately, what started as harmless pranks and jokes has escalated in the last 10-15 years, and become more hurtful […]

What If You Do Not Fit the Typical Recruiting Mold?

Recruits who are not top national recruits must be creative and find different ways to get ahead in their recruitment. They should start by finding the right college, making sure they are academically eligible to play at their target division level, and making contact with college coaches and college recruiters so they can begin to […]

Do You Really Want To Be a College Athlete

Many athletes spent the last couple of weeks watching the world’s best athletes competing against each other at the Olympic Games in London. You can’t help but be in awe of their talent, dedication, and passion for what they do on the world level. For everyone else, this is a very inspiring spectacle of athletic […]

Do Not Be Fooled by These Three Recruiting Rumors

Rumor #1: You have to be the best on your team to get an athletic scholarship The ability to obtain a college athletic scholarship depends on many factors surrounding one’s recruiting. The first one to consider is the uniqueness of all student-athletes: Athletes all have different strengths, weaknesses, and attributes. Experienced college coaches are searching […]

College Recruiting Mistakes #6: Letters & Phone Calls From Coaches

Despite all of Timmy’s mistakes, his pure athleticism has kept him in the recruiting game. Other recruits Timmy knows who have followed a relatively similar path have fallen by the wayside. At this point letters from all over the country have started to show up. Some are similar to the letter’s Timmy was receiving before while […]

College Recruiting Mistakes #5: The Showcase

Timmy’s second sent out wasn’t much more successful than his first; coaches just didn’t seem to respond to the information Timmy’s mom sent out on Timmy’s behalf. By this point Timmy’s junior season has come to an end and Timmy still has never had a quality conversation with a college coach. After the debacle Timmy […]

College Recruiting Mistakes #4: Contacting Coaches

Picking up from last week, Timmy is mid junior year and loving football . He knew it was his time to shine and he isn’t disappointing his coaches or the crowds that seem to continue to grow each week. What was frustrating Timmy and his family was the lack of college coach attention he was […]

College Recruiting Mistakes #3: Summer Camps

College Recruiting Mistakes #3: Summer Camps Last week I discussed Timmy’s freshman year and his first summer as a high school athlete. This week I will cover Timmy’s full sophomore year and part of his junior year. As I have mentioned in past lessons, Timmy is a good student and athlete who just happens to […]

College Recruiting Mistakes #2: The Recruiting Video

Last week I introduced Timmy and his parents, Joe and Rita Sims. I illustrated that Timmy was an all American kid with dreams and aspirations just the same as you and I. Timmy had all the talent to become a great high school athlete and had potential to become a great college athlete as well; […]

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