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Myth: Your Recruiting is Limited to Only a Few Schools

Recruiting is Not Over if You Don’t Get Into Your Dream School

Since you were little you dreamed of going to a particular school. It may be a family tradition, it could be the big school in your area or maybe you just really like the team colors so you’ve always rooted for them. Whatever the case, your heart is set on this school and now that you’re excelling in your sport you want to wear their colors and represent them.

But don’t put all your eggs in one basket. This dream school may be the right school or there may be another school that fits your needs and talents better.

Dreams Can Die Hard

Athletically and academically you may not be what that school is looking for. As heartbreaking as this can be, pursuing a school that isn’t right for you is setting yourself up for failure.

There are plenty of schools out there that will match your style and level of competition as well as your course of study. Don’t choose a school based on tradition and unrealistic desires; make sure you are choosing schools that are a good match for you.

Do Your Due Diligence

You can really sell yourself short if you don’t do your due diligence in researching programs and gaining maximum exposure. Schools that you may have never thought of or even heard of may end up being the institution that allows you the greatest success as a student and an athlete. Entertaining schools that are recruiting you can only help you in understanding your options when making your final decision.

Explore All Options

If you have the opportunity to be a student-athlete in college do your best to explore all of your options and keep an open mind on what you are looking for in a school. You can only successfully negotiate a scholarship opportunity and make good choices if you are willing to walk away from a deal. If you are only open to going to one school then the ball is in their court and all you can do is wait to let them tell you yes or no.

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