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The Stress of College Athletes vs. Other Students (Infographic)

The Stress of College Athletes vs. Other Students is an infographic that highlights the special challenges college student-athletes face.

What is the top concern for college athletes?  It’s time-management.  This is an important fact for high school student-athletes and their parents to understand.  It’s never too early to help your kids learn good study habits and time-management skills.

The freshman year of college can be the biggest time of adjustment for the freshman student-athlete.  As the infographic illustrates much of this added pressure comes from the increased academic load.  And again there is a time-management component here as well.
It is curious that finances concern less than ten percent of the college athlete population.  This is particularly interesting in light of the fact that increased scholarship compensation for college athletes has been a major news story in recent months.

Did you know that stress can be a motivating factor for up to ten percent of male and female college athletes?  It is unclear whether non-athletes respond to stress in a similar way, but it’s encouraging to note that student-athletes have developed a positive coping mechanism to deal with stress.

One of the most effective ways for college athletes to deal with this stress is by simply dealing with and completing tasks one at a time.  Seven out of ten college athletes use this tool to relieve the stress.

Why is completing tasks one by one so powerful?  For one thing–unlike other coping mechanisms–it deals directly with the issues and doesn’t take time away from them.  For instance, talking about stress problems and participating in recreational exercise can work well, but they also take time and can add to time-management issues.

Finally, this infographic can be used as a resource and talking point for parents and their student-athletes to anticipate and head off any problems that may lead to stress in college.

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