Brescia University Athletic Scholarships

Brescia University, founded in 1950 in the Ursuline tradition, is a Catholic liberal arts institution in Owensboro, Kentucky. Brescia offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in the fine arts, humanities, mathematics and natural sciences, business, education, and social and behavioral sciences. With fewer than 1,000 students and a low student to faculty ratio of just 14:1, Brescia University is a student-centered institution that views education as a way to achieve personal and social change. Preparing students for life beyond the campus is of importance of Brescia, thus learning opportunities are provided both in and out of the classroom.

Athletics Department at Brescia University

The Brescia University athletics department has facilities that include a large gym, weight room, indoor track, fitness facilities, as well as several off-campus locations for outdoor sports such as tennis, golf and cross-country. The department does more for its student-athletes than just give them sports to play. With a dedicated staff and faculty, the athletics department seeks to improve student-athletes’ abilities in both sports and academics. The department’s outstanding STARR program, which aims to improve the academic standing of student-athletes, particularly freshmen, who have a cumulative GPA of less than 2.25, is one example of this commitment. The program also tracks student performance and seeks to build strong relationships between faculty and the athletic department. The athletic department also ensures that even former student-athletes are given a chance to partake in events through the Varsity Club, which is membership cost-free.

Athletic Programs at Brescia University

The athletic department at Brescia University has 15 teams participating in 9 varsity sports: baseball, tennis, outdoor track, softball, track and field, cross country, soccer, basketball and volleyball. Intramural sports are also offered in basketball, dodge ball and volleyball for those who do not wish to compete at the varsity level. Varsity or intramural level, Brescia University’s athletic departments will work with all student-athletes inspire personal growth and empower them to overcome challenges.

Official Sports Team: Bearcats / Lady Bearcats

The Bearcats is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and its varsity teams compete in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. Although the team is not a record holder, this does not mean that the Bearcats are anything but outstanding. With a strong spirit and an energetic fan base, playing for the Bearcats is more than just competing – it is about community, teamwork and above all, doing one’s best.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Brescia University

The majority of scholarships at Brescia University are awarded to incoming freshmen students who demonstrate academic excellence through ACT/SAT scores as well as cumulative GPAs. The most prestigious scholarship, the Moore Presidential Scholars Endowed Scholarship Program, will give recipients not only financial support but an opportunity to serve the university and hone their leadership skills by representing the university at events. Moreover, freshmen may also apply for the Trustee’s Scholarship, which is renewable and valued at $14,000, provided that their GPA and standardized test scores are in good standing. Similarly, the Ursuline Scholarship of $12,000, the Mercici Scholarship of $10,000, the Founders Scholarship of $5,000 as well as the Achievement Grant of $4,000 are also available for incoming freshmen provided they have good academic standing and submit the requirements before the due date.

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