Brevard College Athletic Scholarships

Brevard College is a private comprehensive four-year institution specializing in the liberal arts. It was founded in 1853 and is located in a unique mountain setting in Brevard, North Carolina. Brevard is affiliated with the United Methodist Church.

What sets Brevard College apart from other institutions is its unique approach to learning. With an experiential hands-on learning experience as an integral part of the curriculum, Brevard gives its students much more than the traditional college education. The small student population of just over 650 mean class sizes of approximately 15 students and an overall faculty to student ratio of 12:1 and opportunities for faculty to engage students and build unique relationships that foster learning and growth.

Athletics Department at Brevard College

The athletics department at Brevard College offers both varsity and intramural sports. In addition to this, numerous services are offered by the department to ensure that student-athletes are able to reach their full potential. The CHAMPS / Life Skills Program assists student-athletes in skills development and works to enhance their experiences in all aspects of college life. Moreover, the Sports Medicine Department provides physicians, healthcare professionals and athletic trainers who are always there to support student-athletes. The department also has an athletic training room to ensure that student-athletes gain the proper skills to compete on the field.

Athletic Programs at Brevard College

The Brevard College’s athletics department offers 20 varsity men’s and women’s sports in basketball, golf, soccer, baseball, volleyball, tennis, cross-country, softball, cycling, football, lacrosse, track and field, and cheerleading. Brevard College is a member of the NCAA Division II and the South Atlantic Conference, competing in intercollegiate games.

The Brevard College philosophy of experiential learning is also taken out into the field, where student-athletes are encouraged to be their best, but more importantly, try their best. This philosophy has formed teams that are talented, diverse and dynamic, ready to take on the challenge of varsity sport competitions or simply participate in intramural games.

Official Sports Team: Tornados

The Brevard College Tornados have proven that size does not matter. Even with relatively small sports teams, the Tornados are still able to win in the game. The Tornados hold 4 national championships in cycling, 3 intercollegiate mountain bike national championships, and holds the title in the men’s basketball SAC championship. The inner strength of each player and their strong team spirit is what makes the Tornados a successful team.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Brevard College

Brevard College has numerous merit-based scholarships available for students who show outstanding academic performance. Under the Brevard Fellows Academic Scholarship Program, the following scholarships are available: the Angier B. Duke Scholarship, the C. Grier and Lena Sue Beam Scholarship, and the Allan H. Sims Scholarship, all valued at $5,500 to $6,500 per year. In addition, the Duke Scholars Scholarship invites applications from those who qualify for the Angier B. Duke Scholarship and who possess strong leadership qualities. It is a full tuition scholarship with an approximate value of $18,000 per year. Moreover, the Brevard College Leadership Scholarship is for students who show outstanding performance not only in the classroom, but also in extra-curricular activities, clubs, and community service. The amount of this award varies. Talent scholarships in areas such as music, art, English and more are also awarded each year. Students applying must submit a portfolio and/or audition. The value of this award varies.

Lastly, athletic scholarships are available for those involved in varsity sports and are awarded on merit. Scholarships for men’s football, baseball, basketball, and track, as well as for women’s cheerleading, tennis, softball, track and volleyball are available. Merit awards for cycling are also given to outstanding athletes. The amount of each athletic scholarship varies.

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