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Get Recruited by Using Skype

Social media is becoming more prevalent in sports recruiting. Athletes and coaches alike are using sites like Facebook and Twitter to contact and stay in touch with one another. These sites have become crucial in the recruiting process, forcing the NCAA to establish regulations on the use of these sites by college coaches contacting high school athletes.

Social media sites are added to the already busy list of ways that college coaches recruit high school athletes: there’s also email, phone, texting, and in-person visits. Communication between athletes and coaches is what the recruiting process is founded on. Coaches want to hear from athletes who want to play for their program and athletes want to hear from coaches who are interested in them. Make sure you are using the various social media sites to your advantage!

Skype is another way to communicate that more and more college coaches are using to contact their prospective student-athletes. Skype is an internet program that allows users to contact other users through voice, video, and instant messaging, all for free. (Users can also use the program to contact landline phone numbers for a nominal fee). Coaches and athletes like suing this program because it doesn’t cost minutes or texts from a usual phone contract. Skype just offers one more helpful and simple way to stay in contact with coaches, which is essential in the recruiting process.

Here’s how to benefit from using Skype in your recruiting process:

– Offer coaches your username and times available to contact you: by being able to establish an available schedule, coaches will know when they can contact you and when you will be logged into Skype. They can also share with you when you can find them online. The distance and time difference for a lot of athletes affect their ability to communicate consistently with coaches, but Skype offers a solution for that.

– Send resumes and videos over Skype: another feature of Skype is file transferring, which means you can send the coach updated files while you are speaking to them.

– Save money for both you and the coach: being able to speak in real-time over the internet can save both parties a lot of money, especially for international athletes.

– Offers more opportunities to get to know the Coach/Program: by having yet one more way to ask questions and get to know the coach, especially over a video chat, you will get a really good idea of what they are like and whether you think it would be a good fit.

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