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Sports and Social Media Infographic

It was Inevitable

Since we are at the cutting edge of everything related to sports recruiting we’ve already covered how Facebook is changing college recruiting. Please review this blog for some tips and rules high school and college athletes should consider. Now we feel it’s time for an update.

All Access for Coaches

This Sports and Social Media infographic really breaks it down for you. For instance, how can a college coach resist incorporating social media into his recruiting strategy when 69% of sports fans–potential recruits–will check their Facebook or Twitter during meals? And you know where else they’ll check? 58% will check while they’re in the bathroom, 74% at a party, and 9% will even look at social media in church.

If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes with a teenager you know that Facebook is a force in their lives. But did you know that 81% of sports fans go to the internet for their breaking news? Or that people are 10 times as likely to check Twitter or Facebook for news as they are sports radio?

Social Media is Changing Recruiting

There is little doubt that social media is changing recruiting. Coaches learned this–some of them late and against their will–and never looked back. The issue for teenagers being recruited to play sports in college is that lasting negative impact on their lives.

Learn From the Yuri Wright Case

One well-publicized case is that of Yuri Wright, one of the nation’s top cornerbacks coming out of New Jersey’s Don Bosco Prep. Yuri made some ill-advised comments on Twitter and it ended up costing him his scholarship to Michigan. The University of Colorado is taking a chance on Wright and, to his credit, he says he’s learned a valuable lesson.

Use Social Media as an Asset

As the IG illustrates people, including high school athletes, are increasingly getting their news and interacting through social media. The real question for athletes is will you use this as an asset or will it become something that will cost you your scholarship?
Yuri Wright got a second chance because he was a nationally ranked player. You may not be so lucky so be careful.

If you have questions or comments about social media use in recruiting please use the comments section below or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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