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An Athletic Scholarship Will Not Pay for Everything

Plan for Additional Costs

Many student-athletes get themselves in trouble by thinking that just because they earn an athletic scholarship they don’t have to worry about expenses while in college. Whether you earn a full or partial athletic scholarship there will still be college costs that need to be covered so make sure you plan for them.

Talk to the Compliance Department

You will want to speak to your school’s compliance department about the rules for working while on scholarship. You will have limited time during your competition season to hold down a steady job. It’s also possible that the athletic department might have certain rules against working during the season because they want you to concentrate on your grades and level of play.

Scholarships Have Limits

Most of the time scholarships will help you pay for specific things while in school–half or all of your tuition, dorms, books. It’s the unforeseen costs that can sneak up on you. You will have entertainment costs and if you have a car on campus you have to figure out how you are paying for gas and parking. If you live off campus how are you paying for your groceries, utilities and rent?

Your Coach May Be Able to Help

With this in mind you will want to find out how much you need to earn to cover your additional expenses on top of your scholarship money. Talk to your coach about different ways you can earn the money needed to pay for school and living expenses. A lot of the time they can help you apply for additional scholarships and grants that will help cover costs without taking out loans.

Many college athletic departments will have campus jobs they set aside for athletes so it’s possible you can work on campus and don’t have to find a job outside of the school.
You have a lot of options so be candid with your coach about your financial needs so he can help you.

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