College Scholarships For Less Popular sports


Great opportunities at lower participation rate sports Do college athletes in sports outside of football or basketball get any scholarship money? Football and basketball players seemingly get all the headlines and all the scholarships. Making matters worse, in order to compete in these sports, a student-athlete has to be a behemoth with blazing speed and […]

big bang of bodies

The Big Bang of Body Types and Why It Matters in College Recruiting


In recent years, there has been a lot of research into what makes athletes great. One of the biggest trends to emerge is what is being called “the big bang of body types.” In short, this is research into the changing physiological characteristics of elite athletes and how certain features (height, weight, the length of […]

Athletics Cannot Guarantee School Acceptance

How do I Approach a Coach About Problems with My Student Athlete?


The competitiveness of youth and college sports can lead to strained relationships between an athlete and their coach. I recommend parents encourage their athletes to handle the discussions with the coach as these can be some of the most critical teachable moments in a young person’s development. However, there comes a point as a parent […]

football contact period

Isn’t My High School Coach Supposed to Get Me Recruited?


It used to be that a high school coach was the most important person in an athlete’s recruiting process. It was their job to have established relationships with the colleges in the region and they would contact these schools on behalf of their athletes. With college coaches changing jobs more frequently, colleges recruiting nationwide/internationally and […]

basketball showcases tournaments

What to do if You Can’t Afford a Club Team


Club and travel teams have become an important part of the recruiting process for the majority of sports. With the increased recruiting exposure and concentration of college coaches at their events, it can seem like your only option for getting recruited is to play for a travel team. However, for many families it is just […]

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Where Does a College Coach Have You Ranked


Once you have established contact with a program, it is important you figure out how interested that school is. The challenge with this is that coaches aren’t just going to tell you exactly where they have you ranked. As a recruit or a parent, you will have to read between the lines to figure this […]

unlimited phone call college recruiting

When Good Recruiting Advice is Bad


Good advice is hard to find and that is doubly true in recruiting. No two people have the same recruiting process and taking one person’s advice as “the right way” can be dangerous. Too often we hear of people who receive well-meaning advice on what to do, that is the wrong advice for them. Below […]

should college athletes get paid

It Is Not All About the Scholarship


There is a lot of talk in the college sports world about the proposed “four year scholarship.” The push for these types of guaranteed scholarships are being touted as a solution to what many feel is an unfair practice of college coaches pulling an athlete’s scholarship. You can lose your scholarship due to injury, loss […]

ncaa transfer rules

Transfer Review Shows NCAA Needs Many Voices


The governance reform effort which will kick into high gear at this month’s NCAA convention has been based around two assumptions. First, that larger schools should not necessarily be bound by limits based on competitive equity with and financial restrictions of smaller athletic departments. And second, that athletic directors rather than university presidents should take […]

college bowling

Spare Change: How to Get a Bowling Scholarship in College


Bowling, that time-honored bad-weather and/or birthday party activity for kids, might also be an outstanding way to put yourself through college. That is, if you are a female. Collegiate bowling is currently in the midst of its tenth season as an NCAA-sanctioned sport for women only, and what a lengthy season it is. “It’s the […]

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