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How to Make 2013 Your Best Recruitment Year Yet

Seniors, This Means You

As part of any successful recruitment, athletes need to be working hard consistently to gain the attention of college coaches. As we have been stating all year long; unless you are one of the top 1% of athletes in the country, you will not get an athletic scholarship handed to you. To get the best college opportunity, you need to be ready to make your mark this year.

National Letter of Intent Signings Will Be Here Soon

A little over a month is all that is left until the NLI signing dates begin. February 6, 2013 is the date a lot of athletes will be waiting for as they start to bring their recruitment to a close and officially sign with the college they have researched and have been in talks with.

Yes, in order to sign an NLI you will need to be in communication with college coaches before the signing date.  Don’t sit around waiting for an offer to find you because in most cases it won’t.

What February 6th Really Means

February 6th is the first day for initial and regular signing dates for Football, Field Hockey, Soccer, Track & Field, Cross Country, and Men’s Water Polo. Signing date means college coaches for these sports can now officially offer recruits a place on the team and possibly an athletic scholarship.

Whether you are a recruit getting attention from college coaches or one still trying to find the best option, here are some more helpful tips to help you move forward during the start of a new year.

Recruits, who have been in contact with college coaches

  • Keep up all your communication with coaches. This is the most important time of your recruitment and with the signing date just around the corner, you need to do all you can to show coaches you’re committed to their team.
  • Make sure you have completed and updated your eligibility center registration and all requirements to attend college.
  • Make arrangements for any last minute meetings or visits to meet and discuss opportunities with college coaches.

Recruits, who have not been active in the process

  • Do your research and start to reach out to college coaches you are interested in playing for. At this point, most coaches have a good idea of what their 2013 team will look like, but you cannot be sure they have a full roster until you find out for yourself.
  • Explore all your options; keep an open mind about all division levels and even junior college programs at this point. If you have not been in contact with any coaches, you will need to do all you can to learn about their program and to get in touch with them.
  • Have all your college applications completed.  If you are unable to secure a spot on a team now, you may still have a chance when it comes to a walk-on position. Don’t count on only your acceptance to the college to allow you to try-out for a team. You will still need to be in touch with the coach to see if they will have any spots available.

Looking Back at Your Recruitment Year

What you have been able to accomplish thus far in your recruitment is the foundation for what is to come during the remainder of the school year. Make sure to stay focused and committed to the recruitment process as you head into the last leg of it.

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