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Is Social Media Distracting You From College Sports?

We all do it. We are always liking, talking, and sharing information with our friends and our online “friends.” It’s come to be our way of life and how we interact and communicate with others.

Social media is a fast easy, and extremely cheap way to make connections with people you never thought you would have the ability to reach. In fact, social media is so widely used that we tell recruits to get on and start following colleges and coaches they are interested in playing for to increase their recruitment chances.

It’s not just potential college athletes who are seeing the benefits of social media

Think about it; a coach is doing all he can to keep a constant pool of recruits interested in his program. Messaging athletes on Facebook and Twitter are one of the fastest ways for a coach to stay in touch with the athletes they are recruiting.

Your Social Media Profiles During recruiting

We have talked about it countless times before; the many ways recruits utilize social media resources to get connected to coaches. But what if one of the tools that helped you get recruited was taken away from you once you make the team?

Lots of college coaches do it, they tell players to stay off all forms of social media during the season so they do not get the backlash which too often creeps up on young college players who say the wrong thing. Of course, banning social media may not be such a bad thing; coaches want all their players to be fully focused on the season at hand. Some will argue though that Facebook and Twitter are how many of us stay connected to your friends and family and not being able to talk with them will also draw focus away from the season.

If you are not prepared to give up your online social life, than don’t worry, this is not an NCAA or NAIA rule. Currently there are only a few college programs who have stated they do not allow their players to use Twitter or Facebook.

Whether you agree or disagree with the rules college coaches impose on their players, you can be sure you will be aware of what it is people use Social media for. There will always be fans or rivals out their waiting for athletes to say something the wrong way or to say something which makes their team look bad; it is going to be the prices you pay when you are playing for a college team.

Don’t put yourself in vulnerable positions on Social Media Pages

Just like we have told you in past articles you need to be aware of what you are putting out there for the world to see. Whether you are in the infancy of your recruitment, a senior in high school or a transfer student, you need to realize that there is always someone who is going to watch you and someone who is going to criticize you- so use your social media wisely.

If you have any other questions about getting recruited or finding the right team, than leave a comment below and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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