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The Missing Link in a College Basketball Resume

Keep Stats for Basketball RecruitingCollege basketball coaches have their work cut out for them. There are hundreds of thousands of high school basketball players who want to compete at the college level. So that means they are getting contacted by high school prospects all year long. What helps them choose one player over another?

If you are looking to get noticed by a college coach, it is imperative that you are presenting them with the best information possible. That means a great highlight video that displays your on court skills on both offense and defense, and a sport resume with your season statistics. There are tons of statistics used in basketball to help evaluate the competition levels of athletes.

Many athletes make the mistake of not having their stats ready when they contact college coaches. This tells the coach that you either you thought you didn’t have good enough stats to send to them or you were too lazy to collect them. Either way, it leaves a bad impression on the coach when you fail to give them this vital information.

College coaches want to see your basketball stats for a number of reasons. Here are the top three:

Shows your Progress: By sending the college coach multiple seasons of stats, you are giving them a chance to see how you have improved and progressed over time. Being able to see that is a huge benefit to coaches because it allows them to better evaluate your potential in their program. If you send them only one season of statistics, they won’t be able to judge how you might perform over your college career, and then won’t be interested in you.

Can use them to compare players: Stats for basketball are collected in the same way for every athlete. That’s why coaches like to use them to compare different potential student athletes that they might be considering for their program. If one high school basketball player has better stats that are more consistent than another player, chances are they will be more interested in the first athlete.

Shows them what you are capable of: Ultimately, statistics in basketball show how good of a player you are. The better the stats, the higher level you can compete in. And getting good stats is a matter of practice, training, skills, and playing time. Even if you have limited stat information, it is better to have some then none!

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