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Should I Try To Get Recruited To Play Multiple Sports?

Playing Multiple College SportsPlaying More Than One Sport

Many student-athletes that play at the level to be recruited for college athletics play multiple sports. Usually they are better in one sport over the others, but may possess the talent to be recruited in more than one sport. Depending on the sports, school, coaches and division level you are trying to play at, you are allowed to play more than one sport at a school, and you can use this to your advantage in many ways.


If you don’t know which sport you would prefer to play you should double your recruiting efforts by trying to be recruited in both. You will want to tackle each sport separately, write each of the coaches, and manage two totally separate recruiting scenarios.

You will want to let the coaches know that you also play another sport and are exploring your opportunities there. You can also take a look at your options as they come in and see what is the best for you–the offers you get may be the deciding factor on which sport you end up playing in college.

Scholarship Opportunities

Normally it is not allowed at the Division 1 level, but some coaches are okay with you playing more than one sport while being a student-athlete. Some coaches see it as a great way to cross-train if the seasons don’t collide or for the mutually beneficial scholarship opportunities.

If two coaches agree to share an athlete they can split their scholarship so that the student-athlete is getting the financial aid they need but each team is only supporting half of it.

Making Your Decision

If you are successful at being recruited in more than one sport it could open up the options you have to pick a school. Different schools and different coaches may be interested in you for either one of your sports; this will play a factor in where you end up going.

Depending on what your priorities are in choosing a school the extra options may help out. If you need more financial aid, your scholarship offers may determine which school you choose or, if your priority is which school you play for, then those offers will weigh heavily on your decision.

Leverage Your Skills

You will want to use all your talents to your advantage while going through the recruiting process–if playing multiple sports is something you do, make sure you use it. Treat each sport as an individual process but use the results collectively to make the right decisions for you.

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