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Are You Ready To Start Your Softball Recruiting?

softball recruitingMake the Most of Your Recruitment

You’re finally realizing that waiting for college coaches to find you has not been the best recruiting strategy. Don’t think it’s too late to get recruited–instead, think about making the most out of your recruitment by getting organized and training hard to make it to the next step, playing college softball.

Sometimes it takes a quick run of the numbers before athletes and their families realize that it would be impossible for college coaches to watch each top softball player in the nation. There are also international athletes who are working toward the same collegiate goals.

Below is a listing of what softball recruits will be faced with once they begin to take their college softball recruiting seriously.

Over 1600 College Softball Programs

Beginning with the five main divisions there are currently over 1600 total college softball programs. Break that down even more and you are left with 550 softball programs representing the NCAA Division I and Division II colleges and universities throughout the country.

Just Like Buying a Car

Think of your college sports recruiting in the same way you think about buying a brand new car. Think of recruiting as doing research on a big investment. Let’s say that you are in the market for buying a brand new car, you have the money and you think you know what you want. You do the research and find out all you can about all types of cars that match your needs.

You put in the time to learn all you can about the big purchase. Finally the day comes when you feel confident in your choice, thanks to your own dedication, effort, and understanding of the process.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

Typically players are driven toward NCAA DI and DII levels because of preconceived notions that their softball talent alone will be enough to get a full-ride softball scholarship.
This fixed mindset is how most student-athletes miss out on college softball opportunities, especially from other collegiate athletic divisions. Although other divisions outside of DI and DII cannot offer athletes “athletic scholarships” they are allowed to help out student-athletes with finding other forms of financial aid, such as academic, need-based and merit scholarships.

Have an Open Mind

In order to be successful and play college softball, athletes will need to keep an open-mind and explore all of the options.

If you are a softball player and would like more assistance in learning how to get a softball scholarship, please leave a comment below or send us your questions on Facebook or Twitter.

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