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If I Get Injured What Will Happen With College Recruiting?

College Recruiting InjuriesDealing with Injuries

It’s a question every athlete has on his mind, a scenario that ignites fear deep within parents. Hollywood has even created characters to live out this “situation”, perhaps shedding a “real” light on what just might happen. “If I get injured what will happen with college recruiting?” This is a legitimate question and, as a former athlete, something I was well aware of. The most important aspect when answering what will happen is to understand that unpredictable injuries happen all the time. Now that we understand the possibility of this happening we can discuss possible ways to salvage your college recruiting effort.

Don’t Limit Your Options

Just because you’re really interested in a school, were offered a scholarship, or gave a verbal commitment doesn’t mean your recruiting process is over. Nothing is guaranteed until you sign an NLI or its equivalent with that particular school. Up until signing, scholarship offers and commitments can be dropped by both sides for any number of reasons.

Spread Your Risk

There’s an old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”; limiting yourself to only a small number of school options creates a larger opportunity for disappointment. Look to create interest from as many schools as possible while making sure you share a real interest in every school you contact. As an example if you are thinking about 5 schools try 25 , 25 try 50, and so on and so forth.

Take Care of Your Body

Many athletes become injured because they are not taking proper care of themselves. Make sure to work out and eat right so your body stays in shape, injury free. If injuries should happen get them checked out. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s something small because small injuries become large injuries; you don’t lose scholarship opportunities because of small injuries.

Work Hard in the Classroom

Again with the eggs in one basket, many student-athletes try to place everything they have into being an athlete and forget about being a student. There is far more money in academic scholarships than there ever will be in athletics. If you get good grades and you suffer an injury, you still might qualify for an academic scholarship and could later walk on.

Plan for Your Future and Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Being prepared for a scenario such as the one these young men are living only makes you that much more prepared for recruiting and for college. Start living without fear and start planning for your future no matter the hand you are dealt. If you have questions or comments about injuries and recruiting please use the comments section below or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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