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Why College Football Coaches Love To Recruit Basketball Players

College Football Recruit Basketball Players

What We Know

One thing we know as recruiting experts is that college coaches love athletes who play more than one sport. And if you’re a football player who plays basketball all the better.
But why is this? Surely there are some coaches who want their athletes to dedicate themselves to their sport year round. The simple fact is, however, that if you’re a good enough athlete to excel in one sport in high school you’re likely good enough to play two or three.

The Center of Attention

And if you’re a 6’6, 250 pound athlete who can run and jump you’ll probably draw the attention of all the coaches at your school. Okay, maybe not the gymnastics coach.

Maxpreps did a story about the top 100 football recruits who also play basketball.  We think it’s worth checking out.

Will I Lose Out if I Don’t Narrow my Focus?

There are other sides to this issue, of course.  The overwhelmingly majority of coaches who want what’s best for their high school athletes will encourage those athletes to participate in a variety of sports.  But when is it better to focus on just one sport?  Is there a time or a situation that demands the high school athlete focus on just one sport, especially if the student-athlete can get a scholarship in that one sport?

Underclassmen rarely have to concern themselves with this type of narrow focus.  While we believe student-athletes need to be proactive in their recruiting process, we also believe they should enjoy sports and not be so concerned with a scholarship that they sacrifice other pursuits.

You Can Make it Happen

When an athlete gets to be a junior it may be time to think about playing just one sport if it is necessary to get out and be seen.  But remember, if you follow the advice in the posts found on this site–and you are good enough to play at the college level–you can get a scholarship whether you play one sport or three sports.

If you have questions or comments about playing multiple sports in high school please use the comments section below or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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