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Why You Shouldn’t Count On Your High School Coach To Get You A Sports Scholarship

Will My High School Coach Get Me Recruited?

If you are relying on your high school or club coach coaches or anyone else to get you recruited you are going to end up disappointed with missed opportunities. Your high school and club coaches can be great resources and sometimes guide you and your family through the recruiting process but they will not do the work for you, nor should they.

Your Recruitment is Not a Priority for Your Coach

Coaches are very busy with their current team’s schedules, administration, management, and coaching. Most of the time they have a full-time job on top of coaching. They don’t have time to build your resume, film your games or practice, then send it out to your target schools and talk to coaches for you. Their job is to coach you–not to get you on your next team.

This is a Test

While they can help collect stats for you and discuss what level of competition you would be best suited for, the bulk of the recruiting process will fall to you. It’s important to be proactive and take control of the process for yourself. As an athlete if you don’t have the drive and the confidence to manage the recruiting process yourself, you will never make it in college as an athlete.

What Every Coach Can Do

Your coaches may or may not have contacts in the college coaching world. But every coach should be able to talk with you about your athletic skill level and see where they see you playing in college. Use their expertise in the sport and knowledge of your abilities to help give you direction through the process.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Ask your coach for any video from games or practices. If it’s not enough to make a complete video have someone else film you as well.

Use Your Coach as a Reference

One of the best ways to use your coach is to list them as a reference when talking to college coaches. College coaches appreciate being able to speak with their peers when researching a recruit. This allows the college coach to verify your abilities as well as speak to someone who has worked with you to find out your strengths and weaknesses.

High school coaches are there to help and support you, but they can’t do all of the work for you–make sure you get their help, but you need to take the lead in your own recruiting!

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