Who Invented Your Sport Or Game

James Naismith, a Canadian, invented the game of basketball in 1891 while working at the YMCA. College at Springfield, Massachusetts. The first official basketball game was played at the Springfield, MA YMCA Training School. The University of Chicago played its first college basketball game, defeating the Chicago YMCA Training School 19-11, in 1894.

NCAA Equestrian A Varsity Equestrian Championship is held every year among universities and colleges that compete at the varsity level. Because equestrian has 2 unique disciplines, this event has a national champion in each of 3 areas; Overall, Western and English.

NCAA Football The birth of football in the United States goes back to Nov. 6, 1869, when teams from Princeton and Rutgers universities met in New Brunswick, New York, for the 1st intercollegiate football game. In the early games, each team was allowed twenty five players. By 1873 this number had been reduced to twenty, in 1876 it was reduced again to fifteen, and in 1880 to the present day number of eleven.

Greyhounds first came to America in the 1800’s to help farmers control the jackrabbit population. It was not long before competitions of greyhound racing was were by the surrounding farmers. This proved to be both an exciting event for the local population but also showed that the greyhound loved the chase and excitement of racing.

When the Roman’s conquered Greece, they found that gymnastics was very valuable in their military training. But after the fall of the Roman Empire, gymnastics vanished for hundreds of years.

The name Badminton comes from Badminton House – home of the Duke of Beaufort in the English county of Gloucestershire.

Hang gliding, since its invention in the 1970’s, has developed into a practical and relatively safe sport. The sport uses simple yet sophisticated machines built of aluminum, carbon-fiber and high tech sail fabrics.

Hockey has been played in some form for 100s of years. It is considered to be one of the earliest sports in the world, and was played by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Romans, and Arabs.

The game is very popular in Canada and in some regions of the USA. Namely the Northeast, Alaska and the Northern Midwest. There are a total of sixty four members in the International Ice Hockey Federation.

Lacrosse was considered by many tribes to be excellent practice for war — the Cherokees even called it “the little brother of war.” Teams could consist of as many of hundreds, or even thousands, of players. Goals were often miles apart. Games lasted as long as three days. Most players were unable to get close to the ball, and so took to concentrating their efforts on using their stick as a weapon.

College Lacrosse Over 26,000 men play lacrosse at either varsity or club level. There are currently fifty seven NCAA Division one men’s lacrosse teams, thirty two Division two men’s lacrosse teams, and one hundred and thirty one Division three men’s lacrosse teams.

Laser tag or Lazer tagis a sport where a team or individual uses a gun that emits a highly amplified infrared beam on a very distinct frequency to chase down or hit the other team members or individual until he or she is able to “touch” one of them as many times as needed until they are removed from the game.

The Vikings are usually credited with being the inventors of luge sleds? They made them to slide down mountainsides in Olsofjord. The Vikings were actually conducting Luge races as early as 800 AD!

Orienteering is a worldwide sport in which participants use an accurate, detailed map and a compass to find checkpoints on a orienteering course. Orienteering can be enjoyed as a challenging walk in the woods or in a competition, where your race against time or others.

The game of rounders has been played in England since Tudor times, with the earliest reference being in 1744 in “A Little Pretty Pocketbook” where it was called baseball. Most baseball historians accept that their sport is evolved from rounders.

Snooker These variations became popular and the inventive Chamberlain started to add various colored balls until a basic form of Snooker was established.

Tennis. The origins of tennis is a bit of a mystery. Some people believe it is a variation of different ancient ball games played by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Some others believe it was derived from a roman game called “harpastum”, and was adapted in the Basque country, where it was named “jeu do paume” because the ball was hit on a wall with the hands.

John Collins, an American Naval officer who competed in that 1st triathlon, took the idea to Hawaii, where he combined 3 major endurance races, the 3.8-kilometre Waikiki Rough Water Swim, the 180-kilometre Around-Oahu Bike Race and the 42.195-kilometre Honolulu Marathon, into a single race to be known as the Ironman Triathlon.

Wallyball, also known as rebound volleyball, is a fast-paced game that was was invented in Calabasas, CA, in the summer of 1979 by Joe Garcia. The word “Wallyball” is a combination of “ball” and “wall”.

Wrestling has been a popular sport throughout recorded history. The origins of wrestling can be traced back 15,000 years through depictions in cave drawings in France. Early Egyptian and Babylonian relief’s depict wrestlers using most of the holds known to the present-day sport.

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