Wallyball is a game that looks much like volleyball, with players on either side of a high net setting, passing and spiking a ball. The game is actually played on a racquetball court, where bouncing the ball off the ceiling and walls is just part of the game.

Wallyball, also known as rebound volleyball, is a fast-paced game that was was invented in Calabasas, CA, in the summer of 1979 by Joe Garcia. The word “Wallyball” is a combination of “ball” and “wall”. The game is most popular in the and Eastern United States, where cold winter weather drives people indoors. San Diego has one of the largest year round wallyball programs in the world.

Wallyball The sport was created to provide racquetball club owners with an alternative use for empty courts due to the decline in the popularity of racquetball.

If you can play volleyball then you will quickly pick up on the basic rules of wallyball. The serving team has to get the ball over the net to put it in play; the ball can strike a wall (but not the net) en route. Once the ball is in play, each team gets three attempts to get it back over the net without the ball hitting the floor. Touches against the walls or ceiling can help move the ball along or keep it in play and do not count as part of the three shots.

The same player can’t hit the ball twice in a row, but it is legal to hit the ball with any body part. As in volleyball, most shots are made with fingertips, wrists and fists, with teammates bumping and setting the ball to give everybody a chance to play. If the ball does not go over the net in 3 attempts or strikes the opposing team’s back wall, the serving team either gets a point and serve again or forfeits the ball The first team to reach fifteen points wins.

American Wallyball Association.

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