Laser Tag or Lazer tagis a sport where a team or individual uses a gun that emits a highly amplified infrared beam on a very distinct frequency to chase down or hit the other team members or individual until he or she is able to “touch” one of them as many times as needed until they are removed from the game. The game is like a combination old old fashioned tag and paintball.

Laser Tag or Lazer Tag as it is usually called was invented in the 1980’s by two companies, Shoot the Moon Productions and Worlds of Wonder (owners of the trademark name “Laser Tag”.) Both of these companies manufactured some of the 1st publicly available laser tag toys.

Ten years later, Tiger Electronics licensed the Laser Tag brand and began to make its own Lazer Tag equipment. Tiger Toys, took up the license to use the Lazer Tag logo and make Laser Tag guns Unfortunately these new guns are not backwardly compatible.

Other companies also started producing tag systems as well. For instance, ToyMax’s Laser Challenge line, Playmates/Sega Lock-On, and Tomy’s Electronic Survivor Shot, etc. These, however, are designed for use by children rather than for commercial purposes.
Many people would be surprised to find out that there is a large following of “taggers” all over the world that are serious players, dedicated to the sport of Lazer Tag. These competitors are the taggers who build and modify their own equipment, and hold games in the great outdoors. There are many web sites devoted to home based gear and a regular group of people posting on various forums around the internet.

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