In 1971 The first National Collegiate Athletic Association national championship was held. The Division II lacrosse championship tournament was added to the championship in 1972 and Division III in 1980.

Over 26,000 men play lacrosse at either varsity or club level. There are currently fifty seven NCAA Division one men’s lacrosse teams, thirty two Division two men’s lacrosse teams, and one hundred and thirty one Division three men’s lacrosse teams.

About 5,500 women compete at two hundred and forty colleges at varsity or club level. There are also eighty three Division one women’s lacrosse teams, thirty seven Division two women’s lacrosse Teams, and one hundred and fifty four Division three women’s lacrosse teams. In addition there are almost two hundred collegiate men’s club teams that play at the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association level, this included most major colleges in the USA.

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing team sports in the country. The number of registered Lacrosse players in the United States has doubled since 1999 to over 60,000.

The National Federation of State High School Associations reported that in 2001 more than 74,000 high school students played high school lacrosse. With private schools, club teams and states not yet having sanctioned lacrosse, high school-aged participation is, in reality, much higher. Varsity college participation has grown by 1/3 since 1995, and collegiate and post-collegiate lacrosse club teams field 1000’s of players also.

The American Lacrosse Conference, also known as the ALC, is a National collegiate Athletic association Division I women’s only lacrosse conference.

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