Try-Outs and Walk-On’s

Many athletes often ask me if it is possible to play college sport without a scholarship.

The short answer is YES.

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When should you make being a walk-on athlete a priority?

NCAA Division II and III, NAIA schools and Junior colleges all welcome walk-ons.

NCAA Division I colleges also offer tryouts but it tends to be more difficult. There have been a number of athletes who have walked on to Division I football, basketball and baseball teams.

JUCO schools can also be great way to play your sport at NCAA level. Athletes who do well at community college level often transfer to four year colleges.

But if your good you will get a shot. Most coaches will recognize talent and they want to win.

Harrison High School graduate, Kipp Schultz, walked on at Indiana University.
All college teams hold walk on tryouts. Walking on means you are a non-scholarship player who wants to try out for the team. College coaches hold these tryouts because sometimes there are talented players attending the college who did not play their sport at high school or played for a school they did not receive much publicity.

You can walk-on at just about any college. You need to find the coach and talk to him. Coaches know that in most instances walk-ons have a lot of ambition and drive. If your any good then you will probably play on the scout team in practices and from there it’s up to you.

The problem is that coaches tend to be committed to their scholarship players-The school has an investment in them and the coach has his reputation to think of. Some coaches see the purpose of the walk-on as only being there to push players in practice.

But if your good you will get a shot. Most coaches will recognize talent and they want to win. If you were a coach and some of your scholarship players were not performing and a walk-on was playing better who would you offer a spot on the team to?

Don’t be one of those athletes who misses out on playing college sport because you never got an athletic scholarship. Try out for the team, you have nothing to lose, don’t think that if an athlete has a scholarship it means that they are better than you. Show the coach what you can do.

How to become a “walk-on”.

How to contact and talk to the college coach.

What division level is best for you.

Recruiting tips from a coach who knows.

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