Are you good enough to play varsity sport at college level?

You know you want to go to college; maybe you even have a couple of colleges in mind. If you want to play sports in college, you’ll need to assess your athletic abilities.

A good first step in determining your sporting talent is to compare your size with the size of the average player on the college team you would like to play for. Ask yourself the following questions:

Am I the right size to play my position in college?

Am I the right size to play a different position in my sport in college?

The next step is to compare your speed, strength and coordination to your teammates and your competition. Another important strength is your foot speed. College coaches consider foot speed and lateral movement, the ability to move side to side, diagonally, and forward to backward, essential. Ask your coach for some drills to help you improve your foot speed.

Compare your performance in practice and in games to your teammates’ and your competition. How does your performance compare to local and national standards?
How does your performance compare to the performance of the players of the college team you’re interested in playing for?

In addition to physical talent, you should assess your mental discipline and self-confidence. Do you have what it takes to perform well under pressure…to make the plays when your team really needs you? One way to show college coaches that you have the discipline necessary to play in college is to do well academically. Another way to impress a coach is to ask pertinent questions and be willing to talk game strategy and ways that you can improve your skills. This will show coaches that you have the discipline to do what it takes to play at the college level…and give you an edge over the competition!

Measure your VO2 Max.

What makes a great team lead in sport?

Combining Aerobic And Resistance Training.

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