College Gymnastics Recruiting

Gymnastics is one of the most competitive sports at the college level. College gymnastics coaches are looking for strong leaders and well-rounded student athletes. College gymnastics teams are often one the  highest GPA-ranked teams at many schools. If you are looking to get recruited to a college gymnastics team, you will need to be a successful gymnast as well as a strong student.

Gymnastics Recruiting Basics

  • Video is a must-have! Coaches will ask for video footage, both during competition and practice. College coaches rely on these videos to assess your abilities and see how you might contribute to their team.
  • Be on the level; College coaches are most interested in the gymnasts who are practicing and competing at Level 9 and Level 10 by their senior year. If you are not at this level yet, you may still have some good opportunities if you can work your way to those levels by the time you’re ready for college.
  • Be proactive. College coaches are impressed by gymnasts who take the initiative and get in contact with them about their school and gymnastics program. If you can demonstrate a strong level of interest and meet the athletic and academic marks they are looking for, you could be on your way to a position on their team.


To compete in gymnastics at the college level, you need to be successful in several levels of competition; this includes local, regional, state, and national meets. This broad experience is what college gymnastics coaches look for. Gymnasts who have competed at the national level are very attractive to college coaches because of the high-caliber rankings and experience you could bring to their team.

Too often, high school gymnasts rely on their personal coach to do all the recruiting for them. While many of these coaches do have some college contacts, it is important not to limit your options to the people they happen to know. You should get in contact with as many college coaches as possible, including the ones that your personal coach knows. The more options that you create for yourself, the better chance you have of finding a college team to compete for.

College Gymnastics camps
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