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Junior College bowling, first and foremost, is a way for college students to have fun while attending college. Though rewarding, the schedule of a junior college student can be quite hectic and work-filled. This is why junior colleges offer opportunities through bowling scholarships and bowling leagues. Besides getting the college’s name out there, bowling teams and leagues help individual students show off their talents for recruiters and coaches.

Numerous junior colleges allocate money for incoming students pursuing bowling scholarships, but the NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) only allows 8 bowling scholarships per school. Besides the bowling scholarships offered by individual junior colleges to incoming students, there are seven scholarships offered through the U.S. Bowling Congress for which students can apply. Additionally, local and state bowling associations provide opportunities for bowling scholarships and grants to high school and college students looking to pursue degrees at both junior colleges as well as universities.

Like in any other sport, a player needs exposure to recruiters and coaches in order to advance to the level they wish to ultimately reach. For bowlers, playing at the junior college level allows for this exposure while at the same time providing prerequisite education opportunities should a student bowler wish to later pursue a BA education or higher.

Over 35 major universities offer bowling scholarships and grants. Schools such as Wichita State University, University of Nebraska, New Jersey City University, and Vanderbilt are among the top bowling schools in the nation that, like all universities, offer Bachelor and Masters degrees. The advantage of entering the field of education at the junior college level is that it allows you to later enter schools like the ones mentioned above with most or all of the prerequisite classes taken care of. In many cases, students enter universities from a junior college as a second-semester sophomore or first-semester junior.

If you’re an avid bowler planning to attend college, then you should want to show off your bowling talent as well as your passion for intellectually bettering yourself. Furthermore, if you attain a bowling scholarship, then some (if not all) of the expenses of your education may be compensated. Universities may see your junior college bowling scholarship and offer you one as well.

In the same way bowling at the junior college level gains you exposure to coaches and recruiters, simply attending a junior college exposes you to new cultures, texts, ideas, and technologies through the education experience.

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