College Bowling Recruiting

Bowling at the college level is an emerging sport, so there are many coaches who are eager to find qualified recruits. However, NCAA Bowling only offers scholarships for women, not men. But, there are tons of available bowling teams to be a part of; you just have to know how to find the right one.

Bowling Recruiting Basics

There are 74 women’s bowling programs in the NCAA, with 31 Division I, 17 Division II, 7 Division III, and 17 NJCAA programs.

Women’s bowling is an equivalency sport, which means the coaches can divide their available scholarships between as many players as they choose. Each Division I and Division II team has about 5 scholarships available.

Attending a college bowling camp is a great way to gain exposure in the college bowling recruiting process ; it allows coaches to see you play in person and get to know you as more than a just a bowler.

Tournaments or Statistics

It is important to be able to provide coaches with accurate and consistent statistics from your bowling tournaments. College level bowling is highly competitive and coaches like to see an average tournament score of 165-170+, and they also like to see your field average and average differential. That way, they can not only see how you perform, but also how you compare to the rest of the field.

Bowling Leagues

In order to gain as much tournament experience as possible, it is imperative that you are a part of a bowling league that competes often, and at a high level. Since most high schools do not offer bowling as a sport, it is up to the athlete to find a team to compete for.

Academic Success

While every school has different academic requirements for admissions, in order to compete for an NCAA team, you must be academically cleared by the NCAA. In addition to being a good bowler, coaches are also looking for students who can excel in the classroom. Being a student-athlete carries much responsibility and having an opportunity to earn a degree while competing in the sport you love is something to take seriously.

NAIA Rule Change. You must now register with the NAIA Clearinghouse.

Bowling center bans cigarettes.

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