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Jim Schmitz, Head baseball coach at Eastern Illinois University announced today that three JUCO transfer students have signed a NLI last week.
Basketball. NCAA imposes sanctions on University of Georgia. UGA to appeal. The University of Georgia has cooperated fully with the NCAA in relation to this matter from the very 1st day. Because the college recognized the seriousness of the situation and withdrew from post season competition at the end of the 2003 season, the committee credited that cooperation and did not impose any further post season ban or penalty.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Committee on Infractions has put the Villanova University on probation for 2 years for violations of NCAA rules governing recruiting, extra benefits and impermissible contact, primarily in it’s men’s basketball program.

Most of you would be aware of the tragic events that unfolded at this years blue rock classic, the women’s team beat the men. A re-match has been arranged and the same teams will be fighting it out in the high country.The Upper Murray Challenge.Bike, Kayak and run.

Basketball and Volleyball origins trace back to the YMCA.

The American Football Association’s official publication, the American Football News, is currently developing a feature story together with USA Football, Incorporated. (an NFL sponsored non-profit program) to help and assist in promoting amateur football in the United States.

Of course, the big news came earlier this month, when the AHL announced a slew of rules changes for the 2004-05 season. For long-time Griffins fans, the most welcome of these changes may be the implementation of a shootout for games that are tied at the conclusion of the standard five-minute overtime period

A landmark academic reform package has been designed to dramatically strengthen the educational results of student-athletes and holds universities and sports teams accountable was unanimously approved today by the NCAA Division One Board of Directors.

I’m a Kentucky native and proud to be one. But I’m not proud of what the University of Kentucky basketball program has done to Joe Crawford.

It seems that almost every week, we hear or read of sports programs being cut on our college campuses, victims of budgets that need to be balanced. Referred to as “Olympic” or “non-revenue” sports, these are programs that are often the 1st to go when hard budget decisions must be made on campus.

Early college football was more like a combination of soccer and rugby than American football. Initially, soccer was a very popular sport among both upper-class young men in elite colleges and universities and among immigrant blue-collar workers toiling in the factories and harbors of northeastern towns and cities.

Closing the debate in the Lower House on Tuesday to the Arts and Sports Promotion Fund Bill, the minister added that by providing this information about the athletic scholarships, The government is providing another avenue outside of the personal contact of individual coaches, for athletes to get international exposure.

Does weight training limit a footballer’s agility and flexibility?

You know you want to go to college; maybe you even have a couple of colleges in mind. If you want to play sports in college, you’ll need to assess your athletic abilities.

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