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NCAA DI Quick Stats:

Total NCAA division I member schools: 335
66% are Public institutions & 34% are Private institutions
Football Bowl Subdivision (also known as NCAA DI-A) includes 120 member schools
Football Championship Subdivision (also known as NCAA DI-AA) includes 118 member schools

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Why do student-athletes choose NCAA division 1 schools?

Division I athletes live and breathe their sport. These athletes are extremely dedicated and have stand-out talent that college coaches are looking for. Student-athletes at this caliber are able to showcase their talent at elite high school and club levels. Athletes choose to play division I so they can continue to develop and compete with the best players in the nation.

What will athletes expect when competing for a division I?

Division I athletes will find themselves completely immersed in their sport. These competitors have longer seasons and are allowed longer practice times compared to athletes of other division levels.

Do you have what it takes to play NCAA Division I?

Student-athletes not only have to be the best in their sport to be a competitor at the division I level they will also need to meet all academic and amateur requirements set by the NCAA. Learn more about the NCAA D1 academic requirements here.

When will Division 1 coaches find you?

Athletes who are recruited for division I, are often scouted out early during their high school career. This does not mean athletes who are not recruited early will have a lesser chance of being recruited; it only means to be a division I athlete you will need to work much harder at getting your name out to college coaches. Keep in mind: Coaches will not be able to recruit you if they do not know who you are.

What makes a college NCAA Division I material?

NCAA division I institutions are able to offer student-athletes a number of athletic opportunities. NCAA regulations require division I colleges to provide at least 14 sports. At least seven of the sports need to be designated for men and seven for women, or six for men and eight for women.

NCAA division I sports are divided into two groups

All division I sports are going to be classified as either an equivalency sport or head-count sport. Equivalency sports mean that not all scholarships will be full scholarships and depending on the number of team scholarships allowed they can be split up into different amounts for each player. Head count sports mean they must be awarded to student-athletes as a full scholarship.

What conferences do Division 1 colleges compete in?

Division I schools are compromised of 12 NCAA division I conferences which include; Atlantic Coast Conference, Big East Conference, Big Ten Conference, Big 12 Conference, Conference USA, Division I FBS Independents, Mid-American Conference, Mountain West Conference, Pacific-12 Conference, Southeastern Conference, Sun Belt Conference, and Western Athletic Conference.

Learn more about NCAA recruiting rules here.

Contacting coaches is a must for D1 schools. Learn more about contacting college coaches here.

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