How Colleges Interpret and Implement Title IX Impacts on Men’s Sport.


Title IX did affect women for the better. It got more girls interested in sports and school. In 1971, only 7.5% of high school athletics were encompassed by women. Compare that number to nearly 40% in 2000. Women also have had a giant increase at the collegiate level.

Over 110,000 women participated in intercollegiate sports. Where as in 1971 just about 25,000 participated (Katz, Title IX- What You Need to Know about Title IX). However, of those 110,000 women participating, how many spots should be men? Men are being cut in order to make the room for women. Although it is appropriate and even beneficial sight to see women become equal members of society, women will never be equal to men in atheism and ability. Women have the ability to become something great, but America is also losing something great.

In 2003, a woman by the name of Annika Sorenstam was invited to play on the PGA Tour (the men’s tour). Sorenstam is considered to be the best female golfer of all time. She graduated from University of Arizona, where she was captain of the golf team and named to the All- American team twice (Brill, The Real Issues Are Silenced in Title IX Talks). In her rookie season she was named Rookie of the Year. She has won more scoring titles and Player of the Year awards than any LPGA player but Kathy Whitworth. She is a 5-time Solheim Cup member.

In 2001, she set 30 LPGA records by winning eight tournaments; and then in 2002, she became only the second LPGA player to win 11 tournaments in a year. But above all, she played in the PGA. However, she did not accomplish the same in the PGA as she did in the LPGA. Sorenstam did not accomplish what she had come to do. She was cut in only the second round. She shot a 71 on the first day and a 74 on the second. While Sorenstam did accomplish something by participating in the PGA, she also proved something else. She proved that the best woman golfer is not as good as some of the average men golfers. This is why men have more sports then women and also why they are better attended. Men are better athletes on the whole and people want to see the best perform.

It has become obvious that throughout the year’s men and women have begun to grow towards a level of equality. Moreover, they will continue to grow closer and closer.

Men and women are not equal due to nature. They will never become truly equal, for the sure fact that men and women are different. It’s part of who men and women are, if they were meant to be equal in every aspect of life there would be no difference in sex.

Reverse discrimination will remain in colleges and other parts of the athletic societies until Title IX is lifted or altered. Just as the distantly related Japanese gained money from the US for not suffering, but instead for their unrelated ancestry suffering, women will continue to get more and more benefits, until, one day, there is nothing left to give and men’s sports are completely demolished. Men are having slowly being wiped out from the sporting world due to Title IX. It is unfortunate, and unconstitutional, however, the strong urgency for women’s sports is impatient to wait and let their sports grow. It takes time to create a dynasty such as that of the men’s sporting world. In time perhaps, women’s sports will grow too.

This article is in seven parts. This is part seven.

Part 1 Women enjoy a distinct advantage over men in college athletics.
Part 2 Bakke believed that his rejections were in direct violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th amendment.
Part 3 Football seems to be the issue when dealing with scholarships. A school is permitted 85 scholarships for football.
Part 4 When Title IX was created it was crafted with intent to make it easy for schools to comply with its guidelines.
Part 5 For the first time since 1968, the USA freestyle wrestlers failed to win a single gold medal.
Part 6 Every college is required to have a designated Title IX coordinator.

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