The first national tennis tournament was held in 1881 by the United States Lawn Tennis Association, ( USLTA ). The first college tennis championship was held two years later.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, ( NCAA ), and the USLTA were joint sponsors of the championship from 1938 to 1940. The NCAA took over the control of the intercollegiate championship in 1941. Only doubles and singles championships were held and the team championship was incorporated in 1946.

Interesting Facts:

Of the 15 million students who enroll in NCAA universities and colleges there are 360,00 student-athletes. most are not on full ride scholarships and many do not receive any type of “athletic aid”.

There are 15,000 college tennis players at NCAA colleges. Again not all are on scholarships.

There are 312 Division I women’s tennis teams, 210 Division ii and 358 Division III.

There are 269 Division I men’s tennis teams, 166 Division II and 309 Division III.

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, (NAIA), colleges offer 133 women’s teams and 113 men’s teams.

National Junior college Athletic association, (NJCAA), offer 88 women’s teams and 84 men’s teams.

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