If you want to run at college level and want to apply for a college track scholarship then you should consider attending a sports summer camp or showcase.

Track and field camps will provide you with very specific extra development and training and as a bonus you will get seen by the people that count, the college coaches. Most track camps cater for either girls or boys of different age groups and skill levels.

Speed is an integral part of nearly every every sport. Athletes from many sports football, baseball, softball, soccer, and tennis also attend track summer camps.

There are plenty of great track and field camps throughout the USA that will help you improve your running skills including, elite track and field clinics, track instruction camps, track showcases, college cross country summer camps, college track and field prospect camps and summer running camps most of the year.

Most college camps provide technical instruction and video analysis from coaches and current student-athletes that come from from both the women’s and mens and track and field-cross country programs. The best of these camps will have college coaches coming to watch you run but make sure that you pick a sports camp that is organized by the colleges and the college coach. You will get to see what the track coach is looking for and YOU WILL BE SEEN.

I get asked by student-athletes all the time, “how can I get the track and field-cross country coach or scout to watch me run, jump or throw”?

Well it’s a very simple answer, attend a summer sports camp at the college.
Sports camps are great fun but you need to remember this: You must be punctual and on your best behavior. Coaches want to see how you conduct yourself off the track as well.

You need to include some basic circuits into you stretching program twice or three times a week usually after your easy runs. Crunches, press-ups, lower abs (very important), squats, hyperextensions. These exercises are designed to condition your body and wont build up your cardiovascular fitness. You will find that this extra strength will be a big benefit to you especially in difficult sections of a cross-country race.

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