There are some wonderful softball summer camps available for girls throughout the country many covering all aspects of the game and others concentrating on pitching, hitting etc.

Most leading colleges and universities, including community colleges, run their own softball camps as well over the summer. These softball camps can provide you with very specific additional development and training and also get you noticed by the college softball coaches.

Be aware that college coaches also attend National, Regional and State fastpitch tournaments. It is common practice for coaches to track players that have been in contact with them.

Most summer camp programs are usually staffed by college and high school coaches as well as current college players.

Camps stress both team play and individual skills development and with every participant.

Softball camps are designed to improve your skills and also include a lot of game play as well as a detailed skills evaluation by the coach.

Depending on your goals and ability you can select from elite softball clinics, softball instruction camps, softball showcases,college softball camps, university softball prospect camps and summer softball camps. Some of these camps will have college coaches attending to watch young softball players in action but nothing beats attending a softball camp that is organized by the college and the college coach. You will get to see what the coach is looking for and YOU WILL BE SEEN.

If you do decide to attend an elite showcase or camp then you should ask for the names of the college coaches who will be there to watch you play.

I get asked by athletes all the time, “how can I get a softball coach or scout come to watch me play”?

Well it’s a very simple answer, take part in a college softball camp.


Outfielders need to be able to catch and get the snap off fast to beat the runner, As an infielder you need to work on quickness and agility. You have to make things happen and be aggressive in your play. go to the ball, don’t wait for it to come to you. remember that the easy hop is made by the fielder that plays with aggression.

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