There are plenty of really good rowing camps on offer. Most camps are quite comprehensive teaching fundamental rowing technique, the mental aspects of racing and training, and overall flexibility and core strength. If you need to improve your individual technical skills or lower your erg score then a college camp could be the way to go.

Most top colleges and universities run their own summer camps as well over the summer. These rowing camps will provide you with very specific additional training and development and also get you noticed by the college coaches.

Depending on your goals and ability you have a choice from elite rowing clinics, rowing instruction camps, rowing showcases, university rowing summer camps, college rowing prospect camps and summer rowing camps.

Some of these camps will have college coaches in attendance to watch high school rowers in action but nothing beats attending a sports camp that is ran by the college and the college coach. You will get to see what the coach is looking for and YOU WILL BE SEEN.

I get asked by athletes all the time, “how can I get a crew coach or scout come to watch me play”?

Well it’s a very simple answer, attend college rowing camp.

A “Power 10” is a call by the coxswain of the boat for 10 of the crew’s best, most powerful strokes. the best coxswains can read the course and know how many strokes are left for their crew to count down to the finish.

If a crew “catches a crab,” it means the oar-blade has entered the water on an angle instead of perpendicularly. The oar-blade gets caught under the surface of the water and can slow or even stop a shell.

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