If you are going to apply for a college lacrosse scholarship then you should consider attending a sports camp or showcase. Lacrosse camps will provide you with very specific additional training and development and as a bonus you get seen by the people that count, the college coaches.

Most summer camps cater for either girls or boys of different age groups and skill levels.

The majority of summer camps highlight a game environment with practices and individual positional instruction. Extra attention is usually available for goalies and face-off men.

College lacrosse camps teach a variety of skills including: Stick skills: Both right and left hand.

Offensive skills: Shooting, dodging and moving with the ball.
Goalie skills: Positioning, communication, footwork and arc.
Defensive skills: Holds, footwork, body position and checks.

There are many good lacrosse camps throughout the USA that will help you improve your skills including, elite lacrosse clinics, lacrosse instruction camps, lacrosse showcases, college lacrosse summer camps, college lacrosse prospect camps and summer lacrosse camps most of the year. Individual attention is usually offered to all athletes and there is plenty of time devoted to actual game play.

Many of these camps will have college lacrosse coaches coming to watch you play but make sure that you pick lacrosse camps that are run by the colleges and the college coach. You will get to see what the coach is looking for and YOU WILL BE SEEN.

I get asked by student-athletes all the time, “how can I get the lacrosse coach or scout come to watch me play”?

Well it’s a very simple answer, attend a lacrosse camp at the college.

Training for Strength.

Strength training is designed to make your muscles stronger. Simply lifting weights is not training. You have to carefully select the best types of exercises to perform and the correct amount of repetitions, weight, rest and duration that will give you the best strength advantage during a lacrosse game.
Choose exercises that closely resemble the movements you perform in lacrosse. There are many exercises you can perform that resemble an opponent check, runner’s stride a sideways stride and more.

Some of these are:
Leg Curls
Leg Extensions
Lunge Walks
Hip Abductions

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