If your dream is to play ice hockey at college level and win a college ice hockey scholarship then you should consider attending a showcase or ice hockey camp.

Ice hockey summer camps will provide you with very specific additional development and training and you get seen by the people that count, the college coaches.

There are a large number of ice hockey camps held each year throughout the country. Camps usually offer Intense training in power and speed skating, coaching in the fundamentals of defense-offense transition and team play and development of skills in stick-handling, shooting and scoring.

Camps include: elite ice hockey clinics, ice hockey instruction summer camps, ice hockey showcases, college ice hockey camps, college ice hockey prospect camps and summer camps most of the year.

Individual attention is usually offered to all hockey players and there is plenty of time spent on the ice. There are also Goalie, Shooter & Defense-Specific camps as well.
A lot of these camps will have college ice hockey coaches coming to watch you play but you need to make sure that you pick a hockey camp that are run by the colleges and the college coach. You will get to see what the coach is looking for and YOU WILL BE SEEN.

I get asked by young ice hockey players all the time, “how can I get the college coach or scout come to watch me play”?

Well it’s a very simple answer, attend a ice hockey camp at the college.

Follow Through:
As with all shots, it is important to follow through with your wrist shot. your follow through increases power and accuracy. You also need to make sure you move your lower hand down on the stick to increase leverage.

Head Up:
Make sure you keep your head up. You need to have the confidence to keep your head up during a shot and this takes practice, but it is worth it. By keeping your head up you will be able to find the openings much more easily and increase the accuracy of your shot as well.

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