When you add the word forensic to the word science you get forensic science.

Now that’s almost enough to make science sound sexy, but not quite. What it really takes is these two words: science scholarships.

That’s right. Science scholarships. They’re everywhere these days and the biggest reason is that we, America, are horrible at science. So anyone with a vested interest in science is trying to round up all the talented budding scientists and get them studying with the help of science scholarships before it’s too late.

Too late for what exactly? In case you hadn’t noticed China is beating the United States in just about everything these days from the economic front to science testing. Heck, we are even importing computer scientists in from India to help our corporations keep up technologically. So what is the problem here?

Students still like science. They are getting their science scholarships in droves and matriculating at our colleges and universities to study science and hopefully graduate with a science degree. Only problem is that something is happening before they get to wear that cap and gown. Those entering the science field are not staying in the field until they graduate. They are dropping out or switching majors.

So what gives? This is a question researchers are pondering. Is science just too hard for today’s video game-addicted college students? Are their minds thinking about Facebook instead of pondering important scientific questions? Inquiring minds want to know.

Researchers have focused their efforts on what is happening once the recipients of these science scholarships reach the college campus. They actually believe it could be that these science prodigies need more extracurricular activities. As in all work and no play makes Harold a dull scientist. The theory seems to be that perhaps if Harold ditches the lab coat and trades it in for a fraternity brother he might just be more into staying in school.

Another popular theory is that maybe if the recipient of these science scholarships was doing important research he would stay in school until he graduates. Either that or he would kill an awful lot of lab rats in the process.

The last and perhaps best theory is that the type of classroom instruction needs to be altered. Science teachers aren’t exactly known for their riveting speeches.

However this plays out you can be sure that science scholarships will be available for the science-loving student. Unfortunately, every time there is a science scholar who goes on to get a Ph.D. in the Physical Sciences there are fifty new MBA graduates and eighteen new lawyers.

When you realize how many more lawyers are running around than scientists it really helps put it all in perspective, doesn’t it?

The recipient of science scholarships has a great future ahead of him if he can just stick it out until graduation. Just about every science-related field is in high demand with scientists in short supply. And if you are a science major who switched over to business you will understand that when the supply of scientists goes down the demand for scientists goes up. And so do the dollars in your paycheck.

Almost all music scholarships come from foundations or music colleges. Music scholarships are perhaps the most fiercely contested of all scholarships for a variety of reasons.

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