Engineering scholarships are among the most widely available of profession-specific and major-specific scholarships.
And why not? Engineers are among the highest-paid and most in demand of all professions. They also rank consistently high as among the lowest in unemployment. Why not make engineering scholarships available to a group like this?

Look for a moment at computer engineering. This field is in constant demand with lots of job security and much opportunity for engineering scholarships.

If you happen to be a woman or member of another minority group you will be amazed at all the engineering scholarships available to you. There are even special scholarships sponsored by black and female engineers that specifically target these groups.

The problem-solving skills engineers develop serve them very well in the real world. Twenty percent of the CEOs at Fortune 500 companies got their undergraduate degree in engineering. Business Administration is number two at fifteen percent and Economics is number three at eleven percent.

Many engineering scholarships are becoming available through the various disciplines of engineering. For example, an environmental engineer is in increasing demand as companies get on board with and occasionally even try to profit from the ever changing environmental landscape. If an engineering student interested in the environment went to an environmentally conscious corporation and asked about an engineering scholarship he might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

You will find that the engineering profession as a whole is extremely supportive of up-and-coming engineers. There are many engineering scholarships available to future engineers. The fact is that the profession is constantly evolving and is no longer looked at under the harsh light of sink into oblivion or swim into the light and join us. There is more of a support system in place than there used to be.

Just like the vast majority of other scholarships, a great many engineering scholarships will be need-based. If you can demonstrate a financial need your chance of attaining one or more engineering scholarships increases significantly.

The nature of engineering allows for a diverse array of career choices beyond graduation. You could be a civil engineer working with structural systems or a software systems engineer, one of the more lucrative fields of engineering. Whatever the case, there will most likely be the opportunity to manage, design, market and do sales. And all these areas can be mined for potential engineering scholarships as well.

Engineering is one of the most work-intensive fields of study. You will have very little free time and because of this the idea of a part-time job to help with the cost of school seems like a long shot. All the more reason to aggressively pursue as many engineering scholarships as possible.

Engineering scholarships can lead to stimulating intellectual challenges in the world of engineering. Many engineering jobs can evolve into international engineering jobs so it is often recommended that engineering majors take a foreign language in addition to the math and physics requirements. So whether it’s mechanical engineering or civil engineering or something else, take full advantage of all the engineering scholarships available to you.

In the world of education scholarships there are basically three distinct areas that determine what financial aid, if any, you will qualify for. The first two you will have very little control over and the third you control completely.

Start your search for essay scholarships early and prepare well. Let the thoughts develop in your mind before you necessarily put them on paper.

Local scholarships often help that local young man or woman become a success.

When you are looking for scholarships for graduate school one of your main goals is to stay out of debt. Or maybe it is to stay out of further debt.

George Marshall, for whom the Marshall Scholarship was named, was a veteran military leader and one of the authors of the much ballyhooed Marshall Plan.

The Bill Gates Scholarship, flawed as it may be, throws billions of dollars into scholarship coffers and, if nothing else, should buy Mr. Gates a speed train ticket to heaven.

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