To win a design scholarship you are going to have to be able to show that you can come up with a concept and follow through with an effective campaign that communicates that idea. Sounds easy, right?

If you think so and can prove it you may just be worthy of a design scholarship.

Unlike many other industries intellectual property isn’t generally protected in the design industry. Knockoffs have a harmful impact on everything from the design of clothes to furniture. Keep this in mind as you create your design scholarship-winning portfolio.

You will also need to write an essay that shows your creativity wrapped around your long and short-term goals in design. To win that design scholarship you will also need letters of recommendation and at least two to three examples of your design work.

The various types of design command a great deal of professional respect these days, but it was not always this way. There was actually a time in history when design as a concept was frowned upon. There was simply art—to be enjoyed for its own merit—and then there was everything else, which had a purpose. Historically people didn’t have a lot of disposable income to waste on design concepts.

But then decades before the Industrial Revolution officially got going there was a melding of an artist’s sensibility with the utilitarian mentality more familiar to most Americans. Design was officially born (at least on this side of the pond).

When mass production came along advertising became more sophisticated in order to start moving some of those mass-produced items.

The ironic part of it is that just as various types of design began to be used to sell products and ideas, the integrity of the design began to get lost. Cheap copies—knockoffs—became the order of the day. And the creative design being used to make and move product began to turn back in on itself as the designer of integrity saw the art part of design being phased out and the business part of the equation taking over. All of a sudden design didn’t seem so genuine for it had lost its purity of purpose.

But America is a constantly fluctuating if flawed design that long ago lost its purity of purpose. That does not mean you just quit. Design has reinvented itself into graphic design, interior design and even has spread its wings into some architectural and engineering areas.

Capitalism and design, it seems, were made for each other. When you have a creative mind that is trained in one area of design it can often morph and do so many other things. This is the beauty of design and its many applications. Design never stops evolving.

The design scholarship can help underwrite many of your design dreams. And you never know who you will meet along the way who can add texture and depth to your own design ideas. So get that design scholarship application completed early and let the dream begin.


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