Champions for Christ has awarded $1.2 million in Christian scholarships since 1986, making it one of the go-to places for Christian scholarships.

All you have to do is have the desire to enter a life of full-time Christian service.
The Christian Missionary Scholarship Foundation is another worthy place to look for Christian scholarships. Each year this Christian foundation gives out two hundred Christian scholarships to the sons or daughters of Christian missionaries.

Before you begin to search for Christian scholarships in earnest you should take the time to fill out your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This will tell you if you qualify for any financial aid through the federal government. It is important that you fill out your FAFSA early and before you pursue other scholarships because your FAFSA results may allow you to access some Christian scholarships associated with financial need.

Christian scholarships can be used to supplement your FAFSA award. The most common award you receive from the federal government is the Pell Grant, which can be worth up to $5,800. Despite recent cutbacks that may lower the Pell Grant by as much as fifteen percent it remains one of the most generous grants, Christian or otherwise, that is available.

Some of the most generous Christian scholarships will pay your entire tuition, often upwards of $10,000. Again, these will usually have a financial need component attached to them.

Christian scholarships remain true to the spirit of a true scholarship—perhaps even the original intent of the very first scholarship. By having a character component with Christian scholarships one can be reasonably sure the money invested is well spent.

Too often with government scholarships money is distributed for all the wrong reasons. When you are not discerning about who gets the money you don’t get the results you should. That’s why there is such a high dropout rate among those who get federal scholarships for frivolous and superficial reasons.

Your church is a place you definitely should look to early for financial support for college. Most churches offer some type of scholarship program and many Christian colleges will match the scholarship funds from your local church. Before you know it those scholarship funds from your church are growing exponentially right in front of you.

The Christian faith is always trying to attract and develop its leaders. If you have leadership potential or a background in, say, student government there are Christian leadership scholarships.

Or how about service scholarships? These are available as well and are right in line with the Christian mission of service to God and their fellow man.

There are also specialized low-interest loans for Christian students. Most college students graduate with some level of debt. Christian college students are no different. The difference is, though, that for Christian students planning a life of service, that debt can be especially crippling.

This is why Christian scholarships are so important. As some of our best and most selfless students want to give their life to God and their fellow man, we should help them as much as possible with Christian scholarships.

Christian College Scholarships and Financial Aid.

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