Since when did America become about punishing someone for his success?

Well, the tax code is moving swiftly in that direction and so is the market for scholarships for Asians.

Did you know that despite being only five percent of the American population Asians account for twenty two percent of all college applicants? And they make up more than fifty percent of the student population at some colleges and universities, especially in states with relatively large Asian populations like California. It doesn’t make sense that we would want to take away scholarships for Asians simply because so many of them are having so much academic success. Or does it?

So what’s the beef? The same crowd who wants to see unqualified black and Hispanic students all over the college landscape just does not want to see too many qualified Asian students at their college. Let alone giving scholarships for Asians. What gives?

The best argument they can come up with—and it’s a horrible argument—is that Asian students study too much. That leads to scholarships for Asians. That’s right. Asian students should be discriminated against by college admissions offices because they are successful students and the study too much. That’s all they got.

Asians have the highest SAT scores, the highest college retention rates and study difficult underrepresented subjects like math, science, engineering and technology at disproportionate rates. Do they not deserve scholarships for Asians?

This country must be wrested back from the politically correct, silly social engineers. We are not about the best black this or the best Hispanic that or the the best woman. We are simply about the best.

If Asians are setting the standard then we go catch them or at least try. We don’t lower the standards or lower the number of Asians. That is despicable behavior.

Yet the facts don’t lie. One study showed that whites could score about ten percent lower than Asians and blacks about thirty percent lower on the SAT to have the same chance at getting admission to the same college.

This sort of discrimination isn’t new. It happened with Jews a hundred years ago. Too many of them were getting into the best colleges so they brought in quotas. Apparently the Jews were just too smart like the Asians are now.

What could possibly be the solution for this conundrum? Well, it’s not really a conundrum. In fact, it’s a good thing. The solution? More scholarships for Asians.

That’s right. MORE scholarships for Asians. As we said above, they have the highest SAT scores, highest college retention rates and they study difficult, underrepresented areas like math, science, engineering and technology at disproportionate rates. Are we missing something?

Nobody ever said—oh yeah, goofy, misguided college professors said it—that those in college had to be present in the exact same numbers as their given race exists in the general population. It’s ridiculous and runs counter to everything America is supposed to stand for.

As Ronald Reagan remarked about Asian students, “I don’t care if every seat is filled by an Asian if they’ve earned the right to be there.”

The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF)

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