The Science Bound program at Iowa State University has awarded a record 33 Des Moines Public School students for completing the program and qualifying for a full-tuition scholarship to ISU. These students have successfully completed the 4-year program aimed at preparing them to study for a technical degree.

“As we celebrate Science Bound’s 15th year, it is gratifying that our program is able to help a growing number of students study science and pursue technical careers,” said Anita Rollins, Science Bound program coordinator. “I am looking forward to seeing these students develop as they continue their journey and build on the knowledge and understanding they have received from our program.”

Science Bound fosters involvement of underrepresented ethnic students in math and science. It consists of regular science enrichment events, field trips and classes. To successfully complete the program, students must meet minimum attendance and academic standards. The students are required to study for a degree in science or math at ISU to be eligible for the scholarship.

Students from Des Moines Hoover High School are Britina Atkins, Austin Carr, Vanessa Lewis, Traci Reid and Anessa Woods. Students from Des Moines Lincoln High School are Daniel Morgan and Nicole Wilson. Students from Des Moines East High School that completed the program are Silvia Aguayo, Ashley Botts, Gustavo Ceballos, Saul Ceballos, Vivian De La Cruz, Roxana Ferreyro, Joseph Huffman, Tyler Locke, Walter Mendez, Izaak Moody, Yadira Moreno, Luis Quintanar and Myra Weatherall. Students from Des Moines Roosevelt High School are Ebone’ Bell, Brittnay Jewett-Slaughter, Tanisha Jones, Jasmin McNear, Keshia Palmer, Nicole Parkey and John Spinks. Students from Des Moines North High School are Samathia Bougher, Jennifer Clark, Lakeesha Collins, Ricardo Hernandez, Jorge Ibarra and Aaron Rodriguez.

Science Bound encourages underrepresented ethnic minorities to pursue science and technology at the university level. The program offers assistance to overcome academic and financial barriers while providing hands-on experiences to the students. Funding is provided by Iowa State University, the Institute for Physical Research and Technology, the Des Moines Public Schools and private businesses. Since the start of Science Bound in 1990, over one hundred and fifty students have been offered scholarships, and thirty students have graduated from ISU.

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