College Skiing Recruiting

Skiing is a tough sport to get recruited for at the college level. There are very few teams offered compared to other sports so it will take some work to find them. Colleges may offer both alpine and Nordic skiing, but if they just offer one, it will most likely be alpine. However, while there are just a few college skiing teams, there are still opportunities to find a place for you at the college level.

Basics of Skiing Recruiting

Get yourself out there! Whether it is a camp, a showcase, or a regular competition, college coaches want to be able to come see you in person.

Know the rules. Athletes and coaches have to follow specific regulations imposed by the NCAA throughout the recruiting process. If you don’t know what to look out for, you could hurt your chances of finding a college skiing team.

Are you ready for the College Level?

As you research the college skiing teams out there, it is important to take a close look at your skiing abilities. College skiing is a highly competitive sport, not just because of the limited number of programs, but because college programs often serve as a stepping stone into Olympic qualifications. Make sure to do your homework and check out a college level competition or attend a camp. These will give you a direct glimpse into the world of college skiing.

Choose the best fit for you!

Choosing a college is no easy task. Your college experience will end up being a big part of who you become as an individual. While you are interested in finding a great team to compete for, it is also important to find the right school for you academically. You are going to college to earn a degree and as a student-athlete, you will always be a student first.

Skiing Scholarship Info

Scholarships offered for college skiing can be difficult to find. Many U.S. high school skiers find themselves competing against international students for available scholarships. In the NCAA, there are 36 Men’s skiing programs and 38 Women’s programs, many which are located in the Northeast. Between those programs, DI receives 6.3 scholarships for men and 7 for women per team. In Division II, both men’s and women’s teams receive 6.3 scholarships. Skiing is an equivalency sport, so coaches can choose to split the scholarship between as many skiers they want.

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