This page contains specific information about Junior college wrestling scholarships, choose one of these links for to learn about NCAA Wrestling Scholarships and the NCAA College Wrestling Recruiting Process.

As a high school wrestler you are probably very good, maybe the best at your high school, well here is a news flash. Unless you are in the top 5%, or elite category, don’t expect coaches to knock on your door. If you want to be recruited, especially at JUCO level, you have to make it happen.

You have to contact the wrestling coaches and let them know who you are and what you have to offer their college wrestling program.

The success of the USA Wrestling team at the 2000 Olympic Games has helped high school wrestling become one of the fastest growing sports in the Country. The problem for potential college recruits is that there is a rapidly increasing number of high school and club wrestlers and a decreasing number of opportunities to compete in collegiate wrestling. A large number of coaches and wrestling administrators believe this is because of the way TITLE IX legislation is being interpreted especially at NCAA level.

JUCO wrestling is a division I men’s sport. The NJCAA allows 16 scholarships per school. These are full-ride scholarships but individual schools can offer partial grants in aid.

Top wrestlers of course will receive the best offers. There are 46 Junior Colleges that grant wrestling scholarships.

Each college can only offer 16 grants in aid in total, unlike the NCAA colleges cannot offer a larger number of at a lower percentage.

Community college coaches do not have the big athletic budgets that NCAA coaches enjoy so they cant actively recruit or hire scouts. Many JUCO Wrestling coaches don’t allocate all of their recruiting budget each year simply because they were not approached by suitable athletes.

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