You have to find and make time to exercise, this is the first step toward improving your fitness and health, but remember it is not the only step. Gym workouts can be quite a challenge and mistakes in the gym are very common.

Poor technique and other mistakes can cause minor muscle strains or more significant injuries. By changing even small parts of your training routine you will begin to see significant, positive results.

The all-or-nothing approach. If you don’t have a full hour to exercise then don’t just skip your workout. Research indicates that even ten to fifteen minutes of exercise can improve your health and fitness.

Unbalanced strength-training programs. Most people have a tendency to focus on certain muscle groups such as the abs or biceps, because these muscle groups have a greater impact on appearance or it is where they feel strongest. But to achieve a strong, balanced body, you have to train all the major muscle groups.

Bad form. The quickest way to get injured in a gym is to use bad form. EG: letting the knee extend beyond the toes during a squat or lunge. This puts a lot of stress on the knee. Do not use momentum to lift heavy weights.

Not progressing wisely. don’t do too much, too often or too hard is a common mistake made by a lot of fitness enthusiasts. Gradual progression and rest are important components of a effective and safe training program.

Not enough variety. Learn to change your workout, don’t just stick to what you are comfortable with. Reps over and over again of the same exercise can lead to boredom and sometimes can lead to injury or burnout.

Not adjusting machines to one’s body size. Most gym equipment is designed to be adjusted to a range of body sizes and types. But it’s up to you to adjust each machine to your body’s unique needs.

Focusing on anything but your workout. stay focused on the task at hand. Watching TV or reading can have a negative effect on the quality of your workout because the distraction can literally slow you down.

Not properly cooling down after your workout. Don’t be like some people in the gym who finish their their workouts and head straight to the shower. You need to take a few minutes to stretch your muscles and lower your heart rate. This not only improves flexibility, but also helps prepare the body for your next workout.

Poor gym etiquette. This can range from simply being rude—Staying on machines long after you are finished or chatting loudly on your cell phone—to poor hygiene and not wiping your sweat from machines when you have finished. Always be considerate of other exercisers.

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