Anything that strengthens your core body muscles is good for Golf. stretching and flexibility training are the key to improving your game. Golfers don’t need the power of a weightlifter, but golf is a demanding game when played at the championship level.
Top golfers need to have a high degree of strength-endurance: the ability to apply strength time after time despite high levels of fatigue. This is needed to maintain a high level of skill in drives and fairway shots even after two or three dozen drives and shots have already taxed your endurance to the limit. Masterful strength and control are required to avoid allowing fatigue to interfere with even the most delicate putting or short shots as well. Golfers also need to be flexible enough to achieve perfect form in their drives.

Many of today’s golfers on the PGA tour have turned to weight training to help them through their tough schedule. If you ask them they will tell you that weight training plays an important part in their physical and mental ability to compete. Here are the methods of conditioning that will assist you in becoming a great golfer:
Train with weights for muscular strength and endurance.

Calisthenics for flexibility and agility

Playing time and practice for greater skill (this is obviously the most important, but not so much so that it will produce a champion by itself).

Proper diet and nutrition

Stretch to cool down.

Agility drills are always needed. They will help your co-ordination and help you move better. You can combine them with your stretching exercises. Remember flexibility is a very important aspect of your game. Once you have built up your strength and stamina it is reasonable to expect your drives to go farther and to maintain that distance into the last holes.

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