Athletic Scholarship Recruiting Services

A good recruiting service can Improve your chances of playing college sport

Recruiting services will, for a fee, compile your sports resume and video and send them to colleges for you. A reputable recruiting service can help a student-athlete get noticed by college coaches by preparing an accurate sports resume and a clear, concise video.

Recruiting services cannot guarantee that you’ll be accepted to any of the colleges you’re interested in attending, nor can they guarantee that you’ll be offered any sports scholarships. Some recruiting services claim to have a success rate as high as 90% for getting athletes scholarships; many times, these services include academic scholarships offered to student-athletes in their success rates.

If you’re contacted by a recruiting service, you should check the credentials of the service. Ask for references – the names, addresses, and phone numbers of student-athletes that they’ve helped get athletic scholarships.

Check out where other student-athletes from your area are being recruited and which recruiting services are helping them. If you decide to use a recruiting service, choose one that comes recommended by your high school coach, school counselor, other student-athletes, or one of the major college athletic associations.

Student-athlete recruiting timeline.

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