A college education is not cheap, attending college costs a lot of money. Very few of us have that kind of cash lying around, and not all student-athletes receive full scholarships. How does anyone pay for it all?

The basic steps of the student aid process are the same for everyone looking for federal help in paying for postsecondary education. Your status as a dependent or independent student affects financial aid eligibility and student loan limits.
Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to see if you qualify for financial assistance from the Government.

Apply for as many scholarships or grant programs as possible while waiting for the FAFSA response.

Review the Student Aid Report (SAR) to see what money would be available. The SAR is the Government’s results from reviewing your FAFSA.

Apply for loans (through the American Education Services Website) if financial need still exists. Keep in mind that there are loans for students and loans for parents, so review the information carefully to determine which program can best help you.

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