Borough Manhattan Community College Athletic Recruiting

The Borough Manhattan Community College was established in 1963 and was immediately opened a year after. Initially, it operated as a two-floor learning center at a commercial establishment in Manhattan. In January of 1983, a new building reaching the length of four streets was opened to the student community. BMCC is recorded as the first community college in Manhattan and the biggest in the CUNY System. Its student population is estimated at 25,000.

Borough Manhattan was at first, a Liberal Arts & Business school; but at present, it offers Associate Degrees as the student community continues to grow. The community college has 18 academic departments; some of these are the Media & Arts Technology, English Department, Science, Nursing, Accounting, Social Sciences and Human Services, Mathematics, and Teacher Education. Some of its programs are Respiratory Therapy, Multimedia Programming, Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts, Writing Literature, Science for Forensics, Biotechnology, and Engineering Science.

Athletics Department of Borough of Manhattan Community College

The main facility supporting the department is the BMCC Gymnasium, where women’s volleyball, men’s & women’s basketball are held. There are also the swimming pool and Fitness/Weight Room; the Pier 40, for men’s and women’s soccer; and the Roberto Clemente Park, for the baseball.

The department of athletics is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), and competes in the City University of the New York Athletic Conference (CUNYAC). Aside from its active conference participation, the school promotes on-campus athletic programs through intramurals, club sports, and recreational activities. Some of these programs involve faculty and staff participation.

Athletic Programs of Borough Manhattan Community College

The BMCC athletes are offered with a limited number of sports. The men’s teams compete in swimming, basketball, baseball, and soccer. The women’s teams also compete in soccer, swimming, and basketball; since women do not have a baseball program, volleyball is played, instead. The Recreational activities at BMCC include swimming, aerobics, and weight training. Available intramural sports are: martial arts, swimming, physical fitness, and weight training. There are also special events held by schedule, like the ski outings, indoor triathlon, and the Harold Solomon, Jr. 5k-run (an annual event). The school also has some Club Sports to offer: The Soccer Club, Lady Panthers Cheerleading Club, Health & Wellness Club, Badminton Club, BMCC Rowing Club, and BMCC Chess Club.

Official Sports Team: The Panthers

The BMCC Panthers, especially the soccer and volleyball squads, are competitive participants in the CUNYAC. The soccer Panthers have managed 6 CUNY Championships, 1 Regional Division III Championship, and 3rd place finish in the 2005 NJCAA National Championship. The basketball Lady Panthers, additionally, have bagged their own crown several times, including the Regional Division III Championship, CUNY Championship, and a 3rd place ranking in the 2000 nationals. In 2013, 3 baseball Panthers were included in CUNY CC Baseball All-Stars. In basketball, 2 Panthers and one Lady Panther were named to the Region XV All-Star Teams (1st Team, 2nd Team, and Sportsmanship citations).

Although the Chess team is not included in the NJCAA, it had brought honor to the Borough Manhattan Community College of finishing first in the 1993 Pan American Intercollegiate Team Chess Tournament—the first time in a community college to win the Harvard-Yale dominated sport.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships to Borough of Manhattan Community College

Student financial assistance at the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) is commonly, but not solely, funded by federal and state agencies. There are also various financial supports coming in from CUNY and other private entities. Some scholarships—as one type of financial aid offered—either supplement other support, or stand on their own. Either one is possible as long as applicable and by the Admission Office. At BMCC, most scholarships offered are directed to academic students. But, any student-athletes who are found qualified in all aspects are considered for any of them.

There are, however, a few scholarships restricted to student-athletes: The Big Sun Scholarship, Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship-Positive Coaching Alliance, and the Adelphi University Athletic Grant—the latter is offered to BMCC students transferring to Adelphi University. The Arthur Ashe, Jr. Sports Scholars Award—an outside source—also recognizes athletes’ superiority, both in the classroom and on the playing field.

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